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In many instances, a quality solar panel can be self-cleaning and only require solar panel cleaning service an occasional inspection and manual cleaning service. But in cases where there is minimal tilt or the dry areas of our NT climate whereby dust and bird droppings are allowed to build up due to lack of regular rainfall, and it doesn’t need much grime or bird poo to affect the panels efficiency levels. And, even with only part of the panel dirty, efficiency is reduced.

As far as Green Energy goes, solar power is right up the top. But, the only way to achieve efficiency from your solar set-up is to ensure your panels are free of airborne pollutants which are predominantly caused by fossil fuels. Plus of course other pollutants such as dust and animal waste will also collect on the surface of your solar panels and slowly accumulate more and more as the surface becomes less glassy. End result: poor efficiency and a waste of money.

Panels that have regular inspections and are cleaned at the same time will operate at their optimum level. Also, as animal waste and airborne pollutants can be corrosive to various sections of your panels, cleaned and maintained panels can be expected to last much longer than those that are neglected.


Due to the high priority on the panel receiving maximum exposure to the sun, it is important that the surface is not scratched and/or blurred in any way. There are many cleaning products on the market that will definitely damage your panel surface … if not immediately, they will over time. You must remember that anything that goes onto your panels will stay there and be grilled on like spillages in a hot oven. And you sure can’t use an oven cleaning product to clean the panels!

Cleaners Darwin have a solar panel cleaning service system that has been developed by the experts which has been successfully used for years with 100% results.

Reasons to use us instead of DIY;

  • Safety: we do not forget to turn off the unit before we start
  • Height Safety: we have safety ladders and correct footwear to give us stability on your roof without damage
  • Cleaning Environment: We know the best time to clean the panel so as not to lose power gathering
  • Cleaning Conditions: We will plan when to clean the panels so that they are not scorching hot.
  • Oily Stains: These may have occurred during installation or other scenarios, but we know how to remove them
  • Cleaning Equipment: We use equipment that we know will not cause any damage whatsoever to your panels
  • Cleaning Products: As previously mentioned, we use a specific product which is not available in stores
  • Watering Down: We will not use mineral rich water unless we filter it (rainwater preferred)
  • Clean Quality: We will leave your panels streak free and crystal clean sparkling in the sun

Cleaners Darwin, being a full service cleaning company also offers residential cleaning, office cleaning and carpet cleaning in Darwin

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