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House Cleans / Apartment Cleans

We are all so busy in todays modern world. No longer is it commonplace to see families with just the one working parent allowing the ‘home’ parent plenty of time to take care of the housework on a regular schedule. Now, we have to fit the cleaning into our spare time (if it can be referred to as that) which generally means we end up with very little time to sit back and relax.

So, why not treat yourselves now and again? Maybe you could call us in once every 2 weeks to have us give your home a good going over. Or maybe every week … now that would release a bit of your valuable time.

As one of the best cleaning companies in Darwin, we are happy to do one off cleans or regular cleans coming in as often as you like for as long as you like. We also provide high pressure cleaning in Darwin that ensures your house is deeply cleaned. 

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Spring Cleans

Regrettably, all our homes need to have that thorough once a year spring clean. Why spend a whole weekend doing it yourself when Cleaners Darwin are right on your doorstep ready with mops to do it for you? Save yourself a heap of time and relax while we come in with all the right equipment and an experienced team of cleaners who will go through your home at quick time leaving it sparkling and fresh. You will be pleased you did. With our latest equipment, we also clean the carpets, upholstery and matresses. 

As a part of our residential cleaning service, we also offer solar panel cleaning service with trained and experienced solar panel cleaning team.

Party Cleans

Having a party? Had a party? Whatever the case, Cleaners Darwin can pre-clean before your guests arrive and/or we can come in the morning after your party. Who feels like doing the big clean up after a great, and late, night? It will be easy to have us booked in to arrive for the clean-up while you pop out and have a refreshing brunch (and a coffee).

Bond Cleans

When you vacate a rental property there are extremely strict inspections that will immediately follow your departure. These are generally carried out by experienced property managers who know exactly what to look for and where. You may have spent many hours doing the clean but despite all your best efforts, there will definitely be areas that will not pass the scrutiny of an eagle eyed property manager who is paid to ensure the property is perfect for the incoming tenant (as it was for you when you first arrived). To ensure the rental property is deeply cleaned, you can professional bond cleaners in Darwin like us and we will ensure that the property is fully cleaned and passes the scrutiny of the property managers. 

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