We do not just provide water high pressure cleaning in Darwin, we do everything from house washing & fence cleaning to bacteria removal and carpet washing. Cleaners Darwin proudly boast a long list of satisfied clients who are happy to recommend us without hesitation. Email us or give us a quick call and you will quickly discover that we can help you, no matter the task, no matter how big or how small.

Cleaners Darwin Pressure Cleaning Services.  There are a variety of names this service is called such as High Pressure Cleaning, Water Blasting, Gurni, Karcher, Water Pressure Cleaning, and I guess there will be a few others. But what they all say is PRESSURE CLEANING DARWIN.

After operating in the industry for 26 years or more, we have developed skills in all aspects of high pressure cleaning. For example;

  • Roof Cleaning - A dirty roof will always drag down the overall appearance and appeal of your home. BUT, more importantly, it will speed up any deterioration by up to 80%. By having your roofs cleaned on an annual basis, you extend the life of your roof and almost eliminate the need for maintenance.  
  • Concrete Cleaning - Because concrete is predominantly exposed to the outdoor elements there is a need for it to be cleaned on a regular basis. And this is more so for plain concrete. Problem is, if you clean it down by hosing, you will use excessive amounts of water and we all know what that costs.
  • Graffiti Removal - The graffiti problem has been around for many years and it will remain that way for many years into the foreseeable future. But you do not necessarily have to be a victim of random graffiti tagging. We have the answer for removal and protection against future attacks.
  • Brick Paver Cleaning - Cleaning brick paving is a long job even for the smallest path. You will see what is required to clean them with their porous make up and joints every 100mm. The nature of brick pavers allows extensive areas for weeds and algae to germinate and this quickly spoils the total effect.
  • Extraction Filters and Flue Cleaning - This service more suited to the commercial kitchen sector. Extractors are used constantly during your cooking hours resulting in an excessive build-up of fats and grime. Extractors with excessive fats are a health hazard. And they are also a serious fire hazard.
  • Commercial | Industrial Pressure Cleaning - We have the equipment to clean commercial buildings which allows us to safely and effectively clean down you commercial building, offices, factory or warehouse. Another big demand for our services is factory and warehouse concrete floors.
  • Fence Cleaning - Wooden surfaces, whether treated, painted or natural attract algae growth together with other fencing that is shaded by trees or buildings. Generally it just grows slow enough that you really don’t notice it. That is until someone points it out to you. We will clean it in a jiffy.
  • Wall Cleaning - Concrete, block, brick or rendered, we have the correct equipment to remove grime and graffiti without causing damage. Our range of pressure cleaning plant means we get the job completed in a very short space of time. No need to put up with dirty walls and get rid of that graffiti fast.

As a professional Darwin cleaners with more than 26 years of experience, we also offer residential cleaning, solar panel service and carpet cleaning in Darwin.

It will cost you nothing to call and we can assure you that you will not be pressured into anyting. We are more than happy to offer free advice together with offering experienced suggestions on how you can DIY the task.

If you have any queries at all, we welcome your enquiry;

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