Best Bond Cleaners and End of Lease Cleaning Darwin

Looking for best bond cleaners in Darwin? When you have come to the end of you tenancy and it is time to leave there are extremely strict inspections that will immediately follow your departure.

To get your bond money refunded in full, you must leave the property in the exact same condition as it was when you first commenced the lease. Sure, there is an allowance for ‘fair wear and tear’ but that is extremely limited in what could be considered ‘fair’.

Depending on the term of your tenancy there could be a reasonably easy clean or an extreme clean. You may decide that you will tackle the bond clean yourselves and spend many hours doing the clean but despite all your best efforts, there will definitely be areas that will not pass the scrutiny of an eagle eyed property manager who is paid to ensure the property is perfect for the incoming tenant (as it was for you when you first arrived). A professional property manager knows exactly what to look for and where.

Our research shows that the Bond Clean Inspection failure rate for DIY cleans is 87%.  That means there are many tennants out ther that have had to go back and clean again or, pay a professional bond cleaning company or end of lease cleaning company to do it again. Have a read some of the internet forum posts below.

As one the best cleaning companies in Darwin, Cleaners Darwin will bond clean your rental property to the standard that it will pass any property managers strict scrutiny which of results in you getting your bond back in full. Apart from bond and end of lease cleaning, we also provide regular residential cleaning.

All of the above applies to commercial leases as well. Similar rules but generally a bigger clean due to high numbers of people in the property. And even though your staff are happy to pitch in and give the offices, warehouse, shop etc a good old scrub down, the same scenario exists when the property manager arrives for the inspection. When you vacate a commercial property, you will definitely need the help of commercial cleaners in Darwin to clean the property. So that it passes the scrutiny of the property manager.

We have been called to many properties whereby the tenant has spent hours doing the bond clean and are adamant that it should have passed. But, the lists of unacceptable areas as provided by the landlords agent are long and as such, it often means we are going over the parts the tenant has previously cleaned.

End result, save yourself the time, expense and stress of doing your own bond clean only to have it rejected. Call us first and see just how little it will cost in the long run … plus, get your bond back in full straight away.

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Read just some of the forum stories;

Posted 15 September 2013 - 08:57 AM

Bond clean includes things people like me do once in a blue moon, like wash the extractor fans, take down and polish all light fittings, clean the window tracks. As well as getting everything off the walls, skirtings, spotless curtains, spotless oven, range hood, cupboards. Etc Etc.

We vacated a few weeks ago and the bond clean took 40 man hours by the time I came back and did 12 extra hours after the property manager had failed the commercial cleaners. It's a fair bit more than a normal clean.

Posted 15 September 2013 - 10:27 AM

I wish I had thought to put that in my contract when I purchased my house. This place was filthy and I spent weeks scrubbing it from top to bottom. I also just picked up the curtains and tossed them out, they were gross :sick: The only saving grace was the location. 

If I were you OP, I would hire a contractor to do it ;)

Posted 27 July 2012 - 07:39 PM

It is tough to do a bond clean. Normal standards don't apply. You have to scrub within an inch of the houses life. Not one speck of anything anywhere is allowed. So it's not a matter of filth or not. Even the cleanest house can take forever. The real estates are very pedantic with bond cleans.



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